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Wilderness Energy Bike Electrified kit stopped working

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    Wilderness Energy Bike Electrified kit stopped working

    After recently buying a used Wilderness Energy Bike Electrified kit, I set it up and got it working briefly, but now it's not working. I'm using new batteries (36V, 9AH, SLA). I've tested them with a multimeter and they are fine. (I've tested the wiring up to the controller, and it all checks out at around 38V. From the controller to the hub motor I don't see how exactly to check the voltage.) I've charged them up and tried running the motor off AC, still not working. The LEDs on the throttle light up, showing power and full battery. Yet when I push down on the throttle it doesn't rotate the motor.

    For a little while I had the motor running, but when I adjusted the batteries to strap them together and onto the rack, after reconnecting I've had trouble getting the motor to run. I've tried substituting practically all the parts with the same parts from another kit of the same model, with similar results. I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting all the wires, and it's still not running.

    Can you suggest what I should do next, or what could be the problem?

    Would any additional info help?

    Thank you!

    I got this running, at least minimally, by mixing and matching parts from the different kits.



      Now that you have it running, take advantage of that to do some testing. Watch voltage while riding, if you can. It should not drop too terribly low when you draw power. Not below, say, 30v, even at full power, I'd think? Hard to say, it depends on a lot.

      If it drops 'too much', it may indicate a high resistance connection someplace. Or a weak battery, but since new not the first guess. Do have a good charge for this test.

      Do the wiggle tests, too. Wiggle connections.

      If that's all good, change one thing at a time, until you figure out what change breaks it again. Bingo, bad part.
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