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DPC-14's display does not turn on, but the control works.

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    DPC-14's display does not turn on, but the control works.

    This morning I dropped my battery pack and my bafang didn't turn on, and I thought the battery pack died from the shock. Strangely, I found out that the battery pack was ok, but the display is not.

    I rode my bbshd bike for commuting every day for the past month. My ebike worked fine and rides were uneventful.

    The display does not turn on. But the control works. If I turn on the switch on my battery pack, I guess it is set to PAS1. Throttle also works. And, the PAS setting seems to be working. And, the USB port on the display also works, being able to charge my iPhone.

    So, one strange thing is that it just turns on automatically if I turn on the battery's switch. Before then, I had to turn on the Bafang with the control. The other strange thing, which may or may not be related with the dead screen, is that the display often resets, recently. My password setting, for example, simply disappears and I don't try to set one anymore.

    Anybody with the same experience? Any way to fix it besides replacing it?

    Maybe try to remove the battery, then without it, try to turn the display on with the button on the control pad. That will drain capaitors and migjt reset errors. Then put the battery back on and try as usual. Sorry, just guessing here...