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Help with luna-cycle Fat Ebike 1000w Hubmotor Kit

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    Help with luna-cycle Fat Ebike 1000w Hubmotor Kit

    Hi guys, I need troubleshooting advice.

    I bought 2 fat tire 1000W hub motor kits, had them shipped to Vietnam where I installed and have been running the bikes everyday for the last month or two. They have been working great.

    Yesterday I had a 5 minute ride in light rain, and today one of the bikes doesn't work. When I turn it on, the LCD panel shows the throttle error icon (occasionally) and after a short moment the panel powers off. I plugged in the throttle from the working bike but that did not fix the problem. I swapped and plug in the whole panel/throttle/e-brake cable from the working bike and that still didn't fix the problem as the display now shows the ebrake error icon.

    With everything turned off, the hub motor wheel is not running freely as before but has a bit of resistance and is quite heavy to pedal.

    Could you please give your advice on what do I need to do the remedy the problem. Thank you.
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    What happens if you unplug the motor from the controller (black box) on the bike that does not work right? Does the motor become easier to turn?

    If the motor is easy to turn (normal) while unplugged, the controller is your problem.


      Your controller is mounted with the wires pointed upwards. The controller wires should always be pointed downwards so the water doesn't fill up the controller.
      I've emptied the water on a controller once and let it dry out by removing just the controller end plate. Maybe you'll get lucky too and this solution will work?