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Controller supposedly fried.

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    Controller supposedly fried.

    I'm going to get into my problem at the end, but i'm going to type a bit about what happened before it died in hopes that perhaps if i can get another one or fix this one i can avoid what i did wrong and prevent it from happening again.

    i got an ebike conversion kit (link)
    I got one of those front wheel 1000w motors from I got the kit in the mail and realized i needed a battery, researched batteries, realized it was something i'd have to figure out how to buy one day because $500 wasn't really in my budget.

    i got a 48v 17ah battery (link)
    couple months later i had an opportunity to get a loan double what the battery costed so i bought the battery with the loan, battery came in, i hooked everything up and connected the loose power wires of the battery to the power cables of the motor, my girlfriend then used the throttle, wheel moved, so the next day i had an electrician solder the connection to a set of male female connectors that were on the battery wire. the next day i was in business, riding around no problem.

    bumps would disconnect wires, i kept having to pull over to reconnect
    every time i hit a bump i would feel cautious because sometimes a bump would pull on a wire too much and disconnect one of them in the bag. i had the controller and the battery in the bag the motor came with sitting in a basket on the rear mount that the motor came with. So i got used to reconnecting wires anytime i would be driving through traffic and the throttle would suddenly stop doing something. I'd routinely pull over and check all the connections and check the throttle to see if the lights on the battery indicator lit up yet, once they did I lifted the front wheel and made sure the wheel reacted and then i'd be on my way. I knew this was only a temporary fix, maybe i needed to get some better connections from like an electric parts store or reconfigure my setup with longer wires. at first it was the yellow blue and green wires that kept coming undone, i've seen a lot of youtube videos where there's a plastic yellow box to connect them with but my setup came with three lose wires to three lose wires with some sort of rubber neck pieces that pulled over each other to make things snug. I pulled the green rubber back so the connectors were bare and made sure to make those click really secure and once those were secure i had a break for a while.

    power cable issues
    ...but i still had problems, this time it seemed the power cable from the battery would not be disconnected, but nothing would work until I took apart the power connection of the red and black wires from the battery to the black and red wires coming from the motor i would disconnect them and reconnect them they would always spark but then the bike would work again, the other day i was about to do this on the side of the road but no spark, nothing worked, i took it to an electrician he said something about an over current and an electrical arc, i went to an ebike repair shop and he was saying he'd sell me another controller for $100 but the whole kit wasn't much more than that, and i found a bunch of really close controllers online for $20-100 most under $40. I'm not sure if i should open this controller up and find what needs to be fixed or get new connectors because one of the connectors is melted on the white plastic a little bit and the connector inside is kind of sideways counterclockwise. For exchanges, some are sold by other sellers so i contacted the seller and they said they can send me a new controller but it would take 2.5 weeks.
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