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PAS malfunction

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    PAS malfunction


    I fell with the my ebike and straight after that the PAS stopped functioning properly.

    If I'm spinning the pedals backwards fast, it eventually turns the motor on after several rounds of vigorous spinning, but it doesn't work when i'm turning them forward slightly, like it should.

    The motor works fine on the throttle, so the engine is OK.

    The sensor seems to look OK and also the magnet ring seems to be at it's place.

    Is there a way to solve the problem besides replacing the PAS?
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    Who makes the kit/ebike? Have you tried swapping out the sensor? Another thing to try is repositioning the sensor a bit closer, even removing it and waving it in front of the magnet (or using a spare magnet if you have one) and see if that does anything. Also, check that the wiring is not nicked, cut or crushed. If so you might be able to splice it back together.


      I needed just to move the magnetic wheel closer to the sensor, it somehow got shifted away from it when the bike fell.



        You're welcome, glad to hear the good news!