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Speed meter shows shows 45/mph

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    Speed meter shows shows 45/mph

    I bought this 3 years old Kreidler e-bike that is front drive. It works normally but now the speed meter approximately triples the speed I am driving. It is odd since, the motor still turns off when I reach 15/mph. So it still knows the right speed, but shows wrong numbers on the display. So my questions is that does anybody know what could be the problem? I have been thinking that perhaps the display unit is somehow compromised.


    Make sure the speed sensor pickup isn't loose or damaged and the magnet is aligned properly? Maybe try replacing the sensor - majority seem to be rather generic? It's possible the controller "speed limit input" isn't using the same sample rate as the display and it might be able to read an intermittent input signal more readily than the dash/display? Probably not the case but something needs to explain why it doesn't happen to the controller speed limit function?

    Bottom line, probably is a display issue but that's gonna be hard to find any replacement so ruling in/out the basics may be the only reasonable approach left?


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      Thanks for you response! I tried to check the speed sensor that is inside the motor, but the screws are so ridiculously tight that I cant open them... :/