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Throttle quickly the power cuts off, help pleas :)

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    Now I have started from the beginning with a new Bluetooth BMS .

    I disassembled the battery again,and measured each cell. I found one cell that had no contact.

    I connected one side, and measured all cells again, I had some trouble getting contact with all cells . When I solved one contact problem, I got a new one, but finally i got contact with all cells.

    I have now charged the battery but believe it or not, I still only get 56.5v to the pack,

    now we should almost be able to exclude both cables, connections and BMS because they are all exchanged.

    It feels like the error is either in the charger or in the settings in the BMS.

    feels like the charger believe that charging is complete, though it is not completed. I have a Luna charger ,It starts charging at 58.8v according to the display after that it turns off the fan and stops charging and then the display shows 56.5v but the lamp that should go from red to green when it's ready jumps between green and red, I never get a solid green light.

    Grateful for all inputs and tips .

    I include some pictures.


      If a cell was not connected, that whole group may be at wrong voltage, lower than the rest. That would result in low pack voltage at end of charge. If that's the issue, and your cells are still healthy, balancing the pack should equalize group voltages and increase the ending voltage.

      So, balance the pack, now, unless you know for sure all cells are at same voltage level.

      I would suspect poor balance, very possible, due to having been used with poor connections, if no conflicting information exists.
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