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BBS02-B Power Assist Stopped Working

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    Thats Perfect. Ive been at it all day and have two bbS02B motors. measured the PAS sensors and had very low output, ~ 100mV so they might be open collector with pullups on the main board, tried to replicate the signals with an arduino nano 200ms between pulses alternating 10, 01 on the two inputs and then overlapping 1,1,0,0, but no effect. tried wiring one controller to the other PAS sensor and didnt work.
    to cut a long story short, I wasnt winding the pedal fast enough. Ive never used these motors, just given them buy a guy I dont have contact for until Monday.
    one worked in walk mode the other didnt. Opening the non worker it was clear water ingress had occured. I had one good controller and one not. Put the bad controller infront of heater for 30 mins and it came to life. .
    One systen would turn freely from the crank , the other was hard work. and when I shorted the contacts on the motor the easy one made no difference but the hard one became impossible, so the easy one wasn't turning the motor ( correct) and the hard one was because the Nylon gear was rusted to the shaft and wasnt backslipping. The gearbox was wet and had corroded. the top bearing of the nylon gear took me 30 mins to remove . the shaft isnt moving. its soaking in Kriol. overnight.
    Anyway, thanks for the electrical diagram.
    Making progress.
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      Wow - what a mess! Have you considered setting up shop as a (the?) UK Bafang service center? You're learning lots about them.

      You used the Arduino Nano as a logic simulator - that's great! Hopefully AZguy will be by.

      I was a bench tech back in the seventies - can't do diddly now other that solder, crimp, shrink, and wrap.
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