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Ebike power problem

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    Ebike power problem

    Hi, So the "power problem" isn't about speed it's more about it only giving bursts of power before basicly the batters going flat, the seller didn't give me any help (don't think he even speaks English) but here's the info I gave him-
    Hi I just got my kit yesterday and assembled it onto my bike but I have a problem with power, it can get up to a good speed but every 4 seconds it stops giving power (and you have to wait 2 seconds again before the power comes back and then it repeats) I have everything connected correctly except the pedal assistance sensor and a headlight. I believe I'm using the correct battery- 12V 12AH AMP HOUR BATTERY AGM SLA DEEP CYCLE DUAL FRIDGE SOLAR POWER 12 VOLT
    And I'm using 4 in series to create the required 48v 12AH power and are all charged before taking it out.

    Is there any solution to help me with this?
    Thanks :)

    Your wiring appears to be a bit deficient. Maybe get some connectors or solder beefier conductors.


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      I upgraded to propper 15amp auto cable with the proper attachment to the batteries, it seemed to help a little but I'm still only getting to about 5km before it starts doing the turn on, turn off thing (But it's changed from 1.5km to 5.5km before it starts now)