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DYU D1 Electric bike battery problem

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    DYU D1 Electric bike battery problem

    Hi, does anyone on here have a DYU D1 Ebike?白底-6.jpg

    I bought mine off GearBest for £240 and I am happy with the product but my battery does not last 9miles like it said it does.
    I first got 2km and then 2.1km, since unlocking more speed I have got more but no where near 9miles. I was hoping someone might know why?

    I took quick look at the scooter (it's not a bike as it has no pedals). It's a36V 350W system with a 4.4Ah battery. That would limit range quite a bit. Most of these manufactures extremely exaggerate both speed and distance capability.


      Per this website, , they're claiming 11 miles.

      For a 4.4AH battery, figure that's about 160 watt-hours. So they saying it uses about 15 wh/mile. I think that is reasonable. I haven't checked my own e-bikes often on throttle only, but I did run one of them w/o pedalling, and I was between 15-20 wh/mile at 16 mph.

      By the way, watt-hours are calculated by multiplying the AH number by battery voltage. A 36V battery is actually 42 volts at full charge. So I multiplied 4AH x 40V to get 160 Watt-hours. It's inexact but close enough.

      When you say 2KM, that's like 1.2 miles! You mean you can only ride for 10 minutes?

      So there's several possibilities. Are you charging that battery all the way up to 42 volts? If you are not, bad charger. If you are, then something wrong with your battery. It sounds like a new purchase? Contact seller.

      You will get far less range in cold weather. Is it like -20C?


        I have contacted where I bought it from and they offered me a new battery, now I have a new problem, the throttle isn't getting any power.

        I always fully charge it for the 2 hours it says. I am sending it back tomorrow and getting a refund. A lot of fun when it worked and for the price I paid (£200).


        Yes it is freezing in the UK.


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          For some reason, right after I read your post, I started seeing ads for this thing in the USA, £200 is $280 USD here. If it worked as advertised, probably is a bit of fun, but I'd still rather have a bike with pedals..