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3kw Cyclone - Not impressed

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    3kw Cyclone - Not impressed

    - I got the motor attached to my bike and running fine with the wheel off the ground.
    - Got on the bike and rode for 3 yards before a mosfet blew on the controller from overcurrent.
    - For the 3 yards i rode it seemed very un-powerfull considering this motor is meant to be very torqy. Running at 50Volts (clearly enough current anyway because I blew the controller)
    - if people are pulling wheelies i presume they've got much higher rated controllers for higher amps? Mine is 40amps. i would have thought 40amps would have given me a bit more torque than the very low acceleration i got (i've got it set up on the lowest gear on my MTB).

    What's going on?

    Any comments, Tips, suggestions or ideas would be great to hear.

    Something is wrong if a 3kW mid drive felt slow in low gear. Blowing the controller is another sign something is amiss.

    Is it a stock controller or one you installed yourself?

    Did you measure your “no load” current? The bike should only be drawing a few amps from the battery with the wheel spinning in mid-air.

    Was the acceleration jerky/bumpy or perfectly smooth?

    For what it’s worth I can wheelie my BBS02 cruiser in low gear pulling ~25A on a 52V pack.


      Cheers for the response. yeah i think you're right it's the dodgy controller i've got. It came with the motor but it's not a cyclone controller, it's yuyang king made controller.

      i'm buying a kelly controller which will put out 120amps peak so hopefully shouldn't have any problems with torque.

      with respect to acceleration it was smooth but barely got me moving before the controller blew. it's blue tooth so the fault message i can read on my phone is 'over current fault'.


        The Kelly controller will fix your problem, but they are a bit of a chore to get programmed correctly. You did get the programming cable didn't you? If not, order it now, you'll need it! The stock Cyclone controller is not bad for most builds, and yea, it should pull wheelies. mine does! Here is my latest Cyclone build, FrankenTownie! 52v, custom power switch/volt meter, custom junction box to hide the wiring rats nest and custom chain tensioner. coming upgrades will include: Toshiba controller, custom built 72v 100A battery, Cycle Analyst and better rubber. Might get a full face helmet to!


          thanks for the response. I haven't got it yet. Still trying to work out how easy it will be to get set up.

          Did you have to do the auto learning function before it can work? was that easy?

          i'm still trying to work out how to do all the wiring etc. have you got any tips good links of how to get it set up with a cyclone?

          Looks like you've got a good set up. can you get a load of power out of it?


            I don't have a Kelly controller on mine, I have the stock 40amp cyclone controller. Yea, it makes lots of power. Wheelies easily! Was your cyclone new? Was it the stock controller? If it was not making good power and blew a fet, something was wrong. The stock cyclone controller is no high dollar item, but they work pretty good and should make plenty of power. If you have a non-stock controller the phase wires and hall signal wires may or may not match the color code. That is the hardest thing to get straight. here is a flow chart that will help you figure it out
            Click image for larger version

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