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No throttle response after drop

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    No throttle response after drop

    Hi all,

    I accidentally hit the throttle a little too fast the other day, the bike got out of my hands, and I dropped it. I was fine and the bike didn't land super hard, but the soft Luna battery bag came partially off (it was the zip tie version) and the plastic housing of the throttle broke into a few pieces. The controller may have hit the ground but I'm not sure - it was still attached to the bike when I picked it up. As far as I know, no wires were harmed or disconnected. Anyway, I taped the throttle back together and can still see the voltage display, but am getting no response when I twist the throttle.

    I figured the throttle was messed up, so I got a new one, but it has the exact same response: I can see the battery voltage with the key turned on, but twisting the throttle does nothing.

    I have a 3000 W cyclone set up with a 60 V, 24.5 Ah triangle battery pack and a 60A bluetooth controller. They're all from Luna Cycles. I haven't had any issues with the bike at all until this "crash".

    Any ideas on how to fix or troubleshoot this?

    If the wire harness was not set up with sufficient slack, turning the handlebars too far in a fall can yank on the wiring. The wire gets wrapped around too tight. Heck, even with a lot of slack, if those bars go far enough, something will have to stop them, cables, wires, brake lines, something. I've had my display unplug once.

    If the handlebars twisted around in the crash, it's a pretty possible cause. Look for damage, at least.
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      Thanks for the suggestion. I only have the throttle on my handlebars (still haven't set up my cycle analyst yet). I replaced the throttle, so there should be no problem with the throttle connection. On the other end, the connectors did hold on, so it's possible that they pulled on the motor or controller cables.

      What specifically do you recommend I look for? I looked over all the wires and everything seemed to be intact. Is there a good way to do some electrical troubleshooting? I have a multimeter.


      • JPLabs
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        Just evidence it's been yanked on. Slipped zip ties? Scraped, pinched insulation?

        You can check continuity only if you can get to both ends of the wires. Since they are in a bundle, you can remove the outer sheath to see the inside wires, and probe b poking carefully, near the far end. Other probe at the connector. Be sure to seal everything up again. You can find the wire colors and pinout by searching, probe the color wire which matches the pin you are using. Or just try each one. Flex the wiring while measuring, you are looking for a broken conductor which may touch sometimes.

        Remove power and discharge the capacitor before doing any electrical work like this!!

      I looked over everything on the bike. I don't see any indication of damaged wires, connectors, zip ties, or insulation other than the zip ties holding the battery on - a few but not all of those snapped. I found the two points of impact on the bike - the throttle housing on the right handlebar and right at the top of the fork (bottom of the stem).

      One other thing I found - I can no longer connect to the controller via bluetooth. I was able to connect before this incident with no issues.

      I'm hesitant to take apart the controller. Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot short of that?


      • paxtana
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        You could always just keep throwing parts at it. Eventually replacing random components in the kit you will find the one that was broken because it will start working again.
        And as a nice bonus you'll have some spare parts for next time you need to do troubleshooting.
        If doing this I would probably start with replacing the controller.