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Voltmeter shows motor has no power.

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  • HarryS
    If I follow your other posts, this is your Luna Banana with BBSHD motor? Someone rode thru deep water and did something. You got a shark battery right behind the front tire. Your color display is there too.Lots of water flying around.

    1) Have your friend come back with the voltmeter. Take the battery out of its cradle. Turn it on and measure the prongs on the battery for 48 volts. Make sure the pins in the cradle aren't all corroded or bent up. On to step 2 if this passes..

    2) No display means you pressed the power button and it doesn't come on? Now you have to check for 48V going to the display. Unplug the connector to the motor. THis should be what the connector looks like that goes to the display. Five pins. P+ is battery power, 48V, GND is the battery negative. TXD and RXD are serial data lines for data to the display. PL is the start lead. When this is connected to battery power, done inside the display, the controller turns on.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	3GaLDI1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	20.4 KB ID:	57419
    Should be 48V between the pins marked P+ and GND. it will be the connector on the right side, Whoever is using the meter better be careful, as it's easy to slip a probe off a pin and ...ZAP...if it wasn't broken before, now it will be fried.

    If you got power there, then the power is getting to the motor controller, and your display got wet.

    If you don't have power, that's trouble, Not going to speculate if I don't have to.

    Good luck. Take care.

    By the way, I have ridden my BBS02 thru water that was over the middle of the crank arms. Not wanting to stop and fall over. I pulled thru with the throttlle. Nothing bad happened except I still got all wet.

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  • Estella
    started a topic Voltmeter shows motor has no power.

    Voltmeter shows motor has no power.

    I charged my bike when battery was low and then when the battery was complete I rode bike and the battery showed that it was dead again real soon then the next day it did the same thing so I charged again and it wouldn't start. a friend of mine then checked everything with the voltmeter the battery shows full charge the wiring from the battery to the motor shows that it's good but the motor is not showing power or anything.. what do I do? Where do I go?