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BBs02 has stopped working

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    BBs02 has stopped working

    i have a 500 watt, 36 volt BBs01 or 02; I have had it about 4 years. It has approximately 1,000 miles on it. The first 850 miles were on the road and it worked as expected. The last 150 I've been riding primarily off road on single track trails. My typical ride is about 5 to 10 miles with an elevation change of about 1000 feet. On the last few rides, it started shutting off briefly while riding and then would restart. Usually, the PAS would begin to not kick in as accustomed to; then the display would start flashing, and then shut down completely. I would get a 30 error message. After a few minutes, it would restart. Usually, if I kept riding, it would eventually shut down completely, and I would have to ride home without power. At home, I set it up on a workbench where I could operate it and it would work fine. Ad soon as I took it off the bench and on the street, it would shut down after about 100 yards. It did this several times. Now it won't even turn on. During this process, I replaced the 961 display. It has a 36 volt, 20 amp Allcell battery. Is this a controller problem? I'm not an electrician and don't have means for testing.

    Check the wiring, in particular the battery to the controller. Poor connections here will do what you describe and is a very common thing around these parts....

    Controllers usually either work or not... Poor high current connections get hot and fail then work again, wiggle loose and wiggle tight again, etc....


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      What type of connectors are best for the battery to controller cable?

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      I've been using XT90's but you need to be careful with these and others when plugging in to avoid damage from arcing. If you have a battery with an internal power switch life is easy - you just plug things in before powering the battery. With a battery without an internal power switch, plug the connector in before plugging in the battery.

      I left the anderson connectors on for a few days before running down to the local hobby shop to get the XT90's since while I like the andersons for indoor use I don't like them for outdoors, I was plugging the connectors in last and due to the arcing the connectors were already nearly destroyed even thought just a dozen or so times.

      After putting in the XT90's I hadn't learned from the anderson experience and kept plugging in the connector after the battery and I'll give the XT90's some credit - they lasted several months before I started having symptoms very similar to yours. When I looked at the XT90's they were full of black from the arcing and the male pins "petals" had pushed closed so the contact wasn't very good. I surmised that the arcing had burned the dielectric grease or whatever and made the carbon rich black stuff that was likely high resistance and as the connector heated up - particularly from the poor connection - the "petals" closed up nearly losing the connection altogether but not quite so the display would still light up but show low voltage.

      I bent the "petals" back out and cleaned the XT90 and that cured things until I went ahead and replaced the connector... I also *never* plug in the XT90 after the battery is connected anymore...

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    battery to controller like he said above or even battery to battery cradle if it's a shark pack or that hard case type. it can be intermittent,