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roller coaster chain sound, click click click. quite with free wheel spin

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    roller coaster chain sound, click click click. quite with free wheel spin

    Hello everyone, a few days ago I ask the group about my state and meeting legal requirements. I am physically disabled so and thought this would be a great way to get back into riding a bike. As I was skowering craigslist I came upon a five star, 5star, brand scooter.

    Here is the part I may be ask to find a different forum? I have an escooter and not an ebike. It looks like the fs-1000 model. I was looking for 500 watt and 48 volts for an ebike. The scooter meets those specs.

    My problem is when I give throttle, wheel won't grip and makes ratcheting sound. I have researched some and found a part called a hall sensor inside the hub.
    1) how hard is it to get inside hub. I saw a guy with a gear puller on you tube. Is that the best tool to open the hub?
    2) any suggestions on a generic hall sensor that fits most 48 volt 500 watt systems? Where might I buy the part if you know, I saw ebay had some but was not sure which one to get?
    3) Is there much of a chance it is the controller that is bad. I wished I would have known to listen for the ratcheting sound before I purchased.

    I have a habit of taking things apart and don't always put back together. When my wife walked in and saw the scooter her first words were do not take that apart, off to a bad start already. I went to auto mech school for 3 years and have a degree in electronics but very rusty and could use some guidance if someone can help. Thank you for your comments or suggestions.

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    I was just watching a youtube video and in the last few seconds they got it assembled and started tor ride off. The factory hub I believe makes that noise? I heard the exact same sound in the video on a new motor. It was from the camera mic and they were not focusing on the sound but that was all I wanted was to hear the sound. Hmm, I don't know how loud their hub was, mine is pretty loud. There is snow so I can't go outside. Let me ask another question. I have a 16.5 x 2.5 could I change out this wheel/hub or hub for an ebike model? Do they make them in 16.5 x 2.5? Anyway thanks for any comments. I am looking at another must be competator scooter called a zappy. That looks and sounds better to me. I just keep making one bad decision after another it seems, grrr. I own it now, I can only make the best of it now I guess. I am jonesing to get outdoors. Thanks group for any information you can provide.


      I just took it for a 10 foot spin in my living room. Ratchet sound may be normal, I have never driven a ehub device before? When I lifted the scooters front wheel off the ground the ratchet noise went away.