BBSHD Error list and Trouble Shooting as of 06-01-2016, 07:57 AM


Error 04 Throttle no homing, Unplug the throttle, if the message clears up, it's time to replace it!

Error 05 Throttle abnormality: Throttle maybe damaged and not working, or the throttle may only work intermittently, Check throttle casing for damage, check wiring for a loose connection to the battery. Sometimes might happen with an installation where the motor is pinching the wiring exiting controller.

Error 06 Low voltage protection: Your pack is probably at 41V (48V pack) or at 44V (52V pack), if not try to program your controller to the right LVC

Error 07 Over voltage protection: Wrong battery pack installed use only 48V or 52V nominal

Error 08 Hall sensor: Sometimes corresponds with grinding noise: Check the motor plug to make sure it is connected properly, unplug and replug. May happen if the motor has been unplugged. Check that the plug pins are not bent. If not Needs to be sent in for repair. If you are a true DIYer you can open it and check if the hall sensor board is still fixed in place

Error 09 Phase line abnormality: Broken wire or circuit, Check wiring loom for breakages.

Error 10 Controller overheat: Temp sensor in the controller is triggered, let is cool a bit.*Possible phantom error*

Error 11 Temperature sensor in controller abnormality, same as Error 10, *Possible phantom error*

Error 12 Current sensor abnormality, Possible shunt blown in the controller, contact your supplier

Error 21 - Speed sensor error. Your speed sensor is disconnected or broken...check it or replace it. It may be that the sensor is not fully plugged in, not fully screwed into the plug, or that the magnet is too far from the sensor. Speedo sensors can be bought here.

Error 15H - Speed sensor error for the 750c display. Same as the above.

Error 30 - communications/controller error. Most likely a display problem, a wiring harness or the controller. If possible troubleshoot with another display (if you have access to one) .....
  • check your wiring harness for damage or bent pins...
  • check if you have extensions for the brake levers, throttle or gear sensor. Unplug everything before testing, then test by plugging each component individually in and power cycling the system.
  • check that you are not pinching the wiring leaving the controller, or the installation is causing the wiring to be pulling out of the wiring exiting the controller.
  • Unplug all plugs in the controller as shown here, then plug them back in.