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6 wire throttle connection issues

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    6 wire throttle connection issues

    So, my throttle line looks like this, and my old motor controller had a hook in.. this one seems to not.

    This was the throttle:

    I connected the red and black because I assumed positive and negative power.
    The white being closest to the power I attached to the blue line.

    What I have left is a purple(brown?), green and yellow wire

    The remaining labeled parts from the motor controller:

    Unlabeled parts::

    its a 48 V Sunwin brushless motor controller, thumb throttle.
    Any help to get this thing working would be greatly appreciated.

    Get a new throttle that goes with the new controller.

    Apply 5 volts and ground to the red "orange?" and black wires that go to the throttle. Then measure voltage from the other four while operating the throttle to determine the third wire.