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BBSHD 1000W - Display cuts off, weird issue

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    BBSHD 1000W - Display cuts off, weird issue

    so i've had this problem before, although this one is slightly different.
    I have just received the battery back from service, where they have changed all the plugs, and tested the battery, no issues here now, so they say.

    I was gonna try the bike today, and this is what happened:
    I was riding with Assist 1 (barely any assists), so i used the throttle, and the display cuts instantly, and wont start up again. I unplug the powercord, and replug it, and voila i have the display on again, but i get no assist from the motor at all.
    I have to drag the bike backwards while holding the throttle, and some assistance from the motor (But the whole bike vibrates while doing this), and the display cuts a few seconds later.
    Another issue i noticed is that if i just ride with Assist 3 without throttle, i get assistance from the motor for a few seconds (but according to the display, the battery level is running low).
    Can the display show a faulty battery level? The battery is supposedly fully charged.
    And you guys have any idea what might be causing this problem? Is it controller-related?

    So i opened the controller, cleaned all connectors, checked that all are connected properly, replugged the power cable, and the display is still dead.
    Any thoughts? :(


      Update: So i checked the fuse, it was intact, and i charged the battery (It charged for approx 1 minute, then signalises that the battery is fully charged, green light).
      The display will now power on, it wouldnt before i charged it for the minute.
      Could it be so simple as that the battery itself is not working properly (even after they have serviced the battery?) I have a brand new charger as well.



        I have not had a similar problem so I may not be much help. Strange that a 1 minute charge on battery could make a difference. I have read on here of similar problems related to washing the bike or riding in the rain. Has your bike been wet?

        Do you have a multi meter so you can check the voltage of your battery? Go to the knowledge base--- batteries--- battery documentation master repository. You need to determine if your battery is the problem and move on from there. Check all of the connections and look for any problems. I would do the easy things first.


          Thank you for that input, we have measured the voltage of the battery now using a multi meter and it shows 53V, so the battery is not the problem.
          Today i changed the display to see if that had any impact, it did not, so the display is not the problem.
          The speed sensor is also glowing red, and measures the speed correct, so its not the problem.
          We have opened the controller, checked all wiring, all appears to be fine, probably not the problem.

          To summarize:
          If i ride the bike with or without throttle it will shutdown within seconds, if i ride the bike with assist 1, it will not shutdown instantly. The higher the voltage, the faster it will shut down it seems.
          The only way to get the display to start again is to unplug the powercable, and replug it.

          Im at a complete loss here as to what might be causing this, please help :( :)