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Desulfating a 24V SLA Electric Bicycle Battery

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    Desulfating a 24V SLA Electric Bicycle Battery

    Good Day All -

    Rather odd question, but I have a Currie Izip Trailz electric bicycle and I let the Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) 24V batteries sit for quite some time. Therefore, they do not hold a charge. I read a lot about "desulfators" that would potentially restore the battery. I bought one and tried it and it seems like it might work. However, the terminals on the battery are flush/flat to the battery and the desulfator wires use alligator clips. So for the little time I used it, I just held the clips against the flat terminals. I'm thinking there has to be a better way, as this may take days to desulfate the battery. Is it possible to solder a wire or something that the alligator clips can grab onto so they will stay in place for a long time? If so, can you remove the solder again as the terminals need to be flat where they meet the posts on the bike itself. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated! Thanks! - From a novice.

    Can you take the pack apart to access internal wiring? The cells electrolyte may be low. Maybe you can replace 2 cheap 12v batteries.
    Never heard of a desulfator til now.


      I have a desulfator I first tried on an old Zap bike. it didn't work. I've tried it since, and still use it, but it's never been able to significantly improve a pack that sat dead for too long.

      Magnets might help you cobble connection. But, really, just replacing the batteries is best.

      Note these use power, and take days or weeks. don't just leave desulfator on, by itself, or you discharge the battery too low again. use a charger, too.

      Good luck trying to make it work, just the same.
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