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Why is this seemingly simple job proving impossible?

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  • TheBikeMan
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    Thanks Harry,
    That info about the speedo helped make sense of that. I have been trying to purchase a controller with throttle and PAS for weeks and can't find anyone in the UK or on Ebay that seems to be able to assure me that it is what I would be receiving. Do you know of anyone in the US I could order the kit from? I've got a collection of throttles and displays and a could of PAS sensors but I would buy the entire matching set if I could just find it.Thanks again.

  • HarryS
    A sensorless brushless DC motor will have three heavier phase wires, and the extra three wires could be motor speed, with +5, ground, and output.

    Find a sensorless controller, with PAS and throttle, and now you know where to connect its motor speed input. LCD displays are usually 5 wires. Some LED consoles like the 810 are four wires.

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  • Why is this seemingly simple job proving impossible?

    Hi All,
    We are attempting to repair an Urban Mover UM10. Orginally these come with some strange PAS sensor built in to the crank chain ring. Really complex and unnecessary. They frequently fail and can no longer be found for purchase. So the simple solution is to change the controller and put a regular PAS sensor on the bike right? Not so easy. The motor is a DAPU and besides from the 3 main wires it also has 3 small wires. If the motor had hall sensors I would expect to see 5 extra wires but this one only has 3. So I'm assuming that it has no hall sensors but then what are the 3 extra wires? Anyway, what I want to do is put in a new controller that will run this motor with a new display, throttle and pedal assist sensors. I have tried 5 different controllers and the one I'm using now will run the motor on a throttle but but did not come with a wiring diagram so not sure about the rest. There is a 3 wire set with one 5V output which I would guess if for a display but then there is no other 5V output for a pedal assist sensor. I would love to just buy a kit with the matching pieces I need from someone and finally get some sleep and regrow the hair that I have pulled out. Any help would be soooooooooo wonderful. Thanks all.