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36V Li-ion charging problem

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    36V Li-ion charging problem


    I made 36v li ion battery (10s4p) with samsung e35 cells 3500 mAh.

    So, problem is when I want to charge the battery. When I plug charger into the battery, green light on charger dont change to red(charging).

    I check voltages of each cell group, and for all 10 is 3,491 V. I check the wiring and its ok. I made 5 batteries 10s4p and 10s5p and all work well with same cells and bms-es. I try few different BMSes and no one are working on that battery, but are working on other batteries. also I try different chargers.

    I really dont know what is an issue. Have anyone idea what can I try to do? Thanks.

    Anyway before I posted that I tried to change the battery connector with new one. And it works :). I made before measurements of the connector port and when it was unpluged was all connections ok, but then i figured out, when charger was pluged in one contact lost the connection.

    I post that anyway because somethimes are solutions this kind of little banal things.

    Have a nice day!