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Crank and thumb accelerator slipps

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    Ray, I checked it, out it's the chain ring , socket only, at $60. Of course, I'll need both to start. Maybe later, the socket alone.
    BTW, I finally figured it out about the screw limits. Yeah, i needed a longer screw for the low gear.
    Any ideas to buy a good chain that last longer than the standard ones. Same question for a quality cassette? Where do I start to buy them. And the last question of the day, how do I know the correct chain length? I know Luna can buy chains. I think I can buy a chain by the foot. What do you think? Is it the best place to go?
    When I rode it to try it and I'm very happy with the bike. Can't wait to install the Eclipse 42T when I get home. I'll be gone 18 days.
    Thanks again


      People here have had good luck with KMC, SRAM, pretty much any name brand chain. I've looked at the Connex (Wipperman) e-bike chains, but they're very pricey. At this point, I consider the chain, much like the tires, a wear item that needs frequent change out on these highish power e-bikes.

      It would be cheaper to by a chain reel and cut the needed length, no doubt. Sorry, I don't know how many links your current chain is. I'd consider having that travelling bike mechanic remeasure the bike after the conversion, and cut one for you that you can use as a starting point.

      Hope this helps - good travels.
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        You want a steel cassette not aluminum