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Brand New BBSHD also not working

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    Brand New BBSHD also not working

    I just received my BBSHD kit from Luna (spec list below). Walmart Mongoose Dolomite (fat bike)

    Installed the motor, hooked everything up - 750 color display, speed sensor, gear sensor and purchased the built in ebrake shut off levers (bought from Luna).

    I power on the display, twist the throttle and the motor starts humming, but no movement on the rear wheel. No power whatsoever. Same with pedal assist - it engages the motor but no power.

    Display shows watts firing up when twisting throttle. Battery levels are at 100%

    I've gone through all the trouble shooting forums. Triple checked cable connections - no bent pins and all connects are tight. No error signals on display.

    Motor is firing, but again no power to the back wheel. Hoping I'm missing something obvious??

    Any help would be much appreciated. Want to get out and ride this tomorrow for the 4th!!

    Choose Your Programming Level: Hot Rod Program (For Off Road Use Only)
    Bottom Bracket Size: 120mm (Extra Fat)
    Chain Ring: 39T Chain Ring stock from Dolomite
    Luna 750c Full Color Display
    Luna Right Full Twist Throttle Blue
    Bafang Handles with Ebrake Cut Off: Bafang Handles with Built-in Ebrake cut off
    Hydraulic Brake Sensors: Bafang Hydraulic and Disc Brake Sensors E-Brake
    GearSensor for Derailers and Internal Geared Hubs $45.00
    52v Shark Panasonic GA 13.5ah $495.95
    52v Basic Lithium Charger $30.00 (110-220v input)

    Found the problem. needed to use the luna ring as no connect to the drive. tks