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48v 13.6ah battery killing battery chargers?

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    48v 13.6ah battery killing battery chargers?

    Hi everyone,

    I'll try and make this as quick as possible:

    -I broke a tab off my battery so I had to replace the case
    -Top of case was fine so left all wiring to to charge indicator lights alone and just replaced bottom portion. Did have to solder wires to the female parts that accept the 4 blades of the battery holder that mounts on the bike but all seemed well.
    -For about a week after the repair things were good with charging and BBSO2 functioning
    -In the middle of a charge the charger crapped out (stock Luna one that came with BBSO2 kit. Interestingly, the fuse is fine as far as I can tell). I took this apart and found no obvious signs of malfunction i.e. no visually blown electrical components.
    -Bought a cheap 48v 1.5amp charger off Amazon to try and see what was going on (if I would get another charger failure or whatever) and that charger rather quickly got hotter than I expected for a 1.5amp charger and stopped working.

    My guess is that I have some sort of short in the battery, which isn't preventing it from working as a battery for the motor but is causing a problem while charging. Any thoughts?


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    I would get my meter in series with the output of the charger and check the amperage during charge. If high as you suspect...revisit the repair/internal wiring, charging port for debris and wiring. What battery are you using?
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