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New 52V 28 AH triangle battery issue...

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    New 52V 28 AH triangle battery issue...

    Troubleshooting non-functioning /brand new TRIANGLE 52V PANASONIC GA 18650 28AH, with BBSHD
    (using smart Charger: 52v Mini 3amp Advanced Charger with 3 Position Toggle)

    New battery (never used)- charged pack overnight before the first ride, took it out on a test run on new BBSHD,

    Intermittently shut off mid-ride, re-checked all connections/plugs...connector from the battery to motor had come slightly loose. Got it rolling again only to have it go black again 15 min later. Checked all connections
    nothing would get it to turn back on. Battery would not charge, was reading only 2 volts tested by LBS.

    Tried jump starting it at the recommendation of the Luna tech (to reset BMS possibly tripped up when cable came loose) still will not charge, still not powering anything.

    When jump starting with exposed wires the charger fires up (fan and lights) and appears to charge at 48volts- according to the volt meter (compared to initial 52v shown during initial charging through xt60 connection)
    volt meter only works when hot wires are put to the xt 60 connection-(not when the xt60 m/f connection that i originally used to charge it up is used)

    Was supposed to only do this to reset the BMS for a few seconds, when I go back to the xt60 m/f connection the charger shows no signs of life and battery does not charge.

    I left it on a bit longer to see if it would charge the battery at all, didn't seem to make a difference-still no juice, still not even able to get volt meter powered.

    Waiting for tech to get back to me on next steps, any help appreciated on getting my $1,000 dead black brick to do something useful much appreciated. Cheers!