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throttle problem

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    throttle problem

    I have the BBS02 Mid Drive Bafang Kit on a Madsen "bucket" bike. It was working great for a few months but just recently the throttle started having problems. It now does not work while I'm pedaling with the assist and when it does work it is only giving me about 25% of the power that it had before. I thought the problem might be the speed sensor so I replaced it, but it didn't fix the problem. I should mention that the pedal assist is working just fine. It's just the throttle. Any advice would be great. My apologies if this topic has already been posted. Thanks for any help.

    Throttles are very inexpensive. Why not just get another and see if it makes a difference?

    If you'd rather troubleshoot, apply 5V to the throttle and measure the voltage at the throttle signal wire while twisting the throttle. I've measured mine for a project I'm working on and if I remember it started at about 0.85V and stopped somewhere around 4V.

    Me? I'd just buy another throttle in your shoes, it's easier...