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    Hi bought the above for a fat bike build after reading good reviews of the Luna lander fork, I received the fork surprisingly pretty quickly, however when I installed the fork I found it to be rather sticky,

    Ok its a new new fork so will need to give it time to bed in, however to be perfectly honest i am really disappointed in the performance of the fork, instead of getting better it has got worse,
    the damper adjustments are poor on slow setting and fast setting is worse, when the fork compresses it will not return, it is that bad with stiction it feels like it is locked out

    I rode same bit of trail last night and got one of my friends to ride it and he felt that it was locked out as well.

    I have experimented with various settings from 30 psi to 60 psi and I weigh 14.7 stone (205lbs) still the same,
    I have even let all the air out and repressurised and still no difference, as the forks are under warranty I do not want to start stripping them down ( I never received any instructions with the fork re recommended weights etc. only a plastic bit of pipe)

    any advice would be appreciated, the only thing that is working fine is the lock out



    there should be another valve to change the rebound setting. Looks like the rebound is on slow. Look for a (usually) red dial, and twist it. Im not familiar with the luna lander, but with most mountain bike forks, theres a rebound and dampening adjustment.


      I bought a bike one time that had fork stiction and I sent it back for a refund. It wasn't my job to figure out why it was defective.


        sounds more of a rebound adjustment. not really a defect.

        That is of course assuming that there is a rebound knob.

        Good luck! and hope there is a rebound adjuster. If not, try n get your money back


          Thanks folks, however the customer service with this company is an absolute joke i e-mailed and asked for any info re service centres in europe and basically got a "no" l sent a 2nd e- mail asking for pointers to/for a service manual and any advice and still waiting a reply, so basically what they mean is we have got your money, you are in the U.K. don't need to bother with you, so go away, nice attitude, also e- mailed the top man,.... (watches tumbleweeds going by) so yes a lovely reputable company to do business with, NOT.. hope Karma pays them a visit.. but don't worry am spreading the good word this side of the pond to all fat bikers clubs forums etc. to stay well clear of this mickey mouse operation


            Hey brother sorry to hear about your experience with Luna. But if it makes you feel better they have terrible customer service on this side of the pond also. They are 100 miles from me and I have been to their facility 3 times in 6 mos . Defective charger, blown controller, sheared off main driveshaft, another controller ( replaced free) and bad BMS inside shark pack (I think they will replace for free). spending more time repairing than riding. My buddy has the same set-up as me and purchased at the same time and he's golden, all good. Love the product when it's working but they need to be like World Wide Cycles with customer support. JMO.