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BBS02 Display Issue

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    BBS02 Display Issue

    When I power on the unit, everything displays fine. Almost as soon as I start riding, the display goes mostly blank, and the battery, and motor symbols start blinking. I have checked connections and all seems well. I have linked a video of the issue.

    Also, can somebody tell me what these two wires with the clear sleeves are for?

    Are you using a shark pack? The first thing that comes to mind is the battery may be bouncing around in the cradle and losing contact. There are some posts on this forum about that. I think the fix is bending the prongs in the cradle for a tighter fit. As far as the wires go, the yellow one you're holding looks like it's for the gear sensor, not sure what the other one is.


      The two wires with clear rubber sleeves are for a 6V headlight and tail light. Not sure if a black & white display can operate the running lights. I know a color display can.

      Check ALL your display settings to make sure they are set to what you want and need (IE: voltage 36/48/52V).

      ?One post and gone? Maybe he figured it out...
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