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BBS02 Motor grinding noise, damage to magnet, motor shaft wiggle

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    BBS02 Motor grinding noise, damage to magnet, motor shaft wiggle

    I bought this Luna BBS02 last October and have put about 1600 miles on it.

    During my usual commute I suddenly had a lot of vibration and noise and lack of power, the motor would still respond normal to throttle and PAS. When peddling with the motor off there was a lot of drag and it was much harder than usual. I took apart the motor and found one corner of the magnets chipped and there was some small metal debris in the motor. The bearing is firmly attached to the motor shaft. There is also a small divot in the housing for the bearing, not sure if that is supposed to be there as this is my first tear down. When I got down to the motor core, there was significant side to side wiggle where the magnets were sticking to one side or the other and I could not spin the motor freely. I have taken the motor shaft out and in a few times and an not sure if it is seated well.

    Nylon gear in good shape.


    Is the motor core supposed to spin smoothly when one has it open, or is it normal for the magnets to stick to one side or the other and for they to be "play" from side to side?

    Thoughts on the damaged magnet?

    When inspecting the nylon gear, I noticed that there is some slippage between it and the pinion gear, is this normal? The type of bearing inside the nylon gear makes me think that it is.

    General direction to go from here.

    Thank You,

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