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Bike works with charger only

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    Bike works with charger only

    Hello fellow E-cyclist,

    I purchased a
    X-Treme Alpine Trails Elite Electric Mountain Bike from letgo for $100. The bikes electric motor works when plugged into the charger. When unplugged the power gauge shows no power and the wheel does not turn with throttle. I then opened the battery box and noticed the batteries terminals were corroded. I proceeded to clean and resolder the connections. BothBoth batte showed 6v. After sealing the batteries back in the case I measured 12V on the output terminals so I knew the wiring was ok. I then charged the pack until 20v and returned the power pack to test the bike. After all the work the bike continues to work only when plugged to the charger. Any suggestions or tips will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    Here's a pic of the corrosion on the inside . They bike looks like it was rode very little but left outside quite a bit


      If you have battery voltage at the same place that the charger connects to the controller. I would speculate that because the battery is below minimum charge the controller is in Low Voltage Cutoff mode and would need to be charged more...errrr this is 24 vdc is it not?

      Click image for larger version

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