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Battery only outputs full 52V when charging, 0-2V when not charging???

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    Battery only outputs full 52V when charging, 0-2V when not charging???

    Hi there! I have a specific problem I cant seem to find online, and wondering if one of your experts have heard of this problem.

    So one day the battery just stopped working, no reason to my knowledge.

    Basically, the output voltage is 0-2.7V when its "on." BUT, when its charging, it outputs the normal 54V. I tried rebooting the BMS chip (or whatever its called) by taking out the white top panel wires. My next move is to measure each cell bank or series.

    I haven't read anything about this, but basically it works when its charging, and when its not, its dead?



    Where are you getting the 0-2.7v reading from? Make sure the multi-meter batteries are fresh and the meter is in good condition.


      Multi-meter is in good condition and tested it with new batteries, all good there.

      I am getting the 0-2.7V reading from the battery main outputs, when the battery is on with out the charger plugged in. The blue power led light is also dim, but it was like that before this problem came about. When I plug the charger in, all is dandy, and the charger even turns off after a few minutes because I think its still "full." The output with the charger is the maximum 54V.

      Any recommendations? I am going to try testing the cells after this.


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        Which battery are you using? Is it a soft pack or a hardcase pack?

      It is a 48V Luna Dolphin battery hard pack.

      I have it fully dismounted with the heat wrap off, now just waiting to have time to investigate further with the multimeter.

      While today in class, I wasn't reading anything quite like this problem, so thought I'd give it a shot on this forum to see if anyone knows whats happening.

      Thanks for helping out!


        I had a similar problem after accidentally shorting out the charging prongs with a pair of pliers. I posted here:

        I was getting only 3.5V. Not sure if the solution they had me do will help,you or not. Take a look at the thread.

        Good luck.
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