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Shark pack won't come off cradle

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    Shark pack won't come off cradle

    Hello members,
    I got home from work today and was going to charge my pack and I couldn't get it off the cradle .yesterday a coworker was impressed with my bike when I tried to show him how fast my bike was. So I usually never do this but I gave it full throttle right away for maybe 30 seconds and I had a almost full battery pack .could I have welded the terminal to the pack? Can I charge the pack while on the bike?
    please help.

    Yes, it was probably welded. You can try banging at it with a hammer lightly to see if it'll come off though.

    And yes, you can charge while it's plugged in and on the bike. Not sure if I'd recommend continuing to use it though while it's welded, you might cause further damage to the connections.
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      Would using DiElectric grease help prevent this?


        All the following is all, obviously IMHO:
        Originally posted by m_hac View Post
        Would using DiElectric grease help prevent this?
        "Maybe" would be my guess - maybe less moisture would make it into the contact area, slowing down dirt ingress, and leading hopefully to less terminal corrosion. I have been lead to believe contact welding occurs when the contacts are pushed well past their rated current/voltage capacity. The shark packs that I have have doubled up connector pins (two ground and two hot).

        Both sides of the connector blocks are pretty rigidly mounted, so any movement of the relatively heavy battery pack is transmitted down to the connector terminals. Maybe it would have been better to have the connector blocks slightly free-floating.

        I live in a hot & humid climate, and have had issues (arcing and signs of connector block overheating). Fingers crossed, I'm going the retrofit shark connector route.

        P.S. to get the frozen pack off, as HighVoltage said, gently tapping the pack, sliding the pack up along the guides and off the contacts, perhaps via a rubber mallet low and flat on the bottom/back portion. Gently! Unfortunately it's a hard place to reach on most installs. Perhaps a angled piece of wood would help.
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          Thanks guys for the help and support. I used a rubber mallet gently and it came off quite easy. I have the four pin shark also and one pin has heated up so I closed the spring connector better and I'm going to order the barrel style upgrade should help.
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