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Throttle issue: Occasionally I will turn the throttle and the bike wont accelerate.

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    Throttle issue: Occasionally I will turn the throttle and the bike wont accelerate.

    I have a generic kit I got off of amazon, 48volt, 1000Watt, with a LiFePO4 48volt 15ah battery(30amp max power draw).

    I'm having an issue where sometimes when I twist the throttle I dont get any power to the wheel; No acceleration.
    I'll let the throttle go and try again and it'll work. Sometimes it wont work a few times in a row.

    It's not a consistent problem. It'll work most of the time, but occasionally this will happen and it's really frustrating.
    Is there anything I should check for?

    Hi Fran,
    And welcome to the forum!

    With the power wheel secured off the ground...
    If the power lights are not going off. A good and easy first step is to disconnect the brake switches and PAS sensor for testing. As an intermittent switch may cause this problem. And of course recheck and look over all your connections for poor seating or bent pins. When it does not work are there any unusual sounds? If during a non-start with the throttle slightly twisted (25%), lightly wrap on the throttle assembly. Jiggle the power cut-off button. Might catch a poor connection.
    Any error codes?

    If you still have problems and your suspicious of your throttle. Or want to know more about it, have a look at this thread...

    Let us know what you find. Intermittent problems are the worst... and usually a sign of a bad connection. :-(

    See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


      Hi Fran,
      The same thing happen to me, when i first got my e bike together and is was the thumb throttle.
      It tested good but didn't work right.