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48v Smart Charger not stopping

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    48v Smart Charger not stopping

    I purchased a 48v Smart Charger. I have a 45V battery pack and assumed that if I charged it at 80% it would stop charging at 38.4V or at 90% it would stop at 43.3V. Is that not how it works? Because it just keeps going. I did unplug it on both sides before setting the percentage switch as the manual says to do. I don't want to let it keep running to see when it will stop because I don't want to over charge the pack. Please help.

    A 48v Smart Charger will charge to somewhere around 54.6 volts at the 100% setting. Somewhere around 52 volts for 90% and 50 volts for 80%. It will keep charging if it can't bring the battery up to those levels.


      Both of my Luna GA battery packs charge up to ~54.3V sense new at 100%. One of my smart charger 80/90/100% adjustments stopped working on the 90% level shortly after purchase and charged to 100% when set to 90%. I just started using the 80% after a ride, then charge up to 100% right before the next ride. Not long after the 80% level stopped working too and all three levels now charge to 100%, so I assume the control switch failed. Lucky for me, when I bought my second battery I bought another charger. This time I went with the Mini 80/90/100% model with only 3A and it has been working fine. I use it now for all my 80/90% charges and the larger model for 100% charging only, because that’s all it will do now. Some day I will open it up and attempt to replace the adjustment switch if I can buy just the switch somewhere. Anyone know a source for that?

      Tell us what voltage levels each setting is giving you. Like BK said, the voltage levels aren’t a direct percentage of the total voltage.

      Good luck.

      ADDED: FYI my battery BMS’s both shut off at 42V, so the “gas tank” is basically ~54.3V full to ~42.0V empty.
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