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Transx R15 juddering? (Raleigh Superbe ie)

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    Transx R15 juddering? (Raleigh Superbe ie)

    Howdy folks. First post here... feel free to point me to a resource I may have missed.

    I recently acquired a Raleigh Superbe ie electric bike. It's using the Transx R15 350W rear hub/motor along with a 12 position cadence sensor all marketed as "Currie". The bike is "used" (but actually new) so no warranty, but I still have the option to return for a full refund, but the price was so so right.

    The issue is, after about 3 miles of riding without issue, the rear hub makes a sort of grinding noise. It's less mechanical and more electrical to me like maybe the timing is off? If I disable the assist, it rides just fine. It produced a code that indicates a problem with the cadence sensor (E0308) and Raleigh's tech support (while kindly telling me I should return it because I have no warranty) said this could either be the actual cadence sensor, the motor (which is "not rebuildable") or the battery being on very low charge.

    The battery is full. The cadence sensor at the crank LOOKS fine, but I'm to understand that this issue might actually just be a hall effect sensor?

    I'm very mechanically inclined... do you lot have any advice for me? Where might I start?

    This is a link to the bike:
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