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    Error 30

    after a recent ride I charged my battery and turned on the display to check the voltage everything turned on normally then after about 3-4 sec I got error 30.
    the last time this happened it was the speed sensor that was the problem but luckily unplugging and reconnecting it solved the issue this was about 2 months ago.
    So this time i thought it was the same problem so i unplugged and reconnected it but this time it didnt help. After that I checked the cable of the speed sensor and found the problem, my back tyre was rubbing against the cable and cut it down to the bare copper.
    there are 3 cables red white and black the red and white cables are fine but the black cable is cut exposing the copper.
    My questions are will I be able to cut the damaged area and resolder the wires and if that's not possible I'm I able to ride the bike without a speed sensor cause at the moment the motor is not working.
    I'm sure the problem is this wire as I have 2 bbshd and have eliminated everything else.
    I really don't want to have to buy a whole new controller if I can avoid it. If anyone can help with some advise I would be so grateful I have taken 2 pictures.

    By all means repair the wiring. Taking a closer look at all three wires. Make sure to insulate to prevent shorting between them, and to protect all of them. Hopefully this will take care of your issue. If it doesn't, a 30 error code is a loss of communication. Look at this thread to see tips to eliminate.

    See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.