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Bionx broken thread

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    Bionx broken thread

    Hi all,

    I was recently taking a KTM eRace for a test ride, to convince me to choose bionx over middrive... Well all of a sudden the freewheel came loose, just country road driving and 450km on the clock..... Seems the thread on the motor broke off.

    If this is the quality they offer.....

    anyone know you can replace the part? Bike shop claims only a new engine is possible, steep....

    Don't know if jb weld will hold this

    Grt Kim

    Ouch! Sorry to see that. JB won't be stronger than the cast, nope.

    You might try getting it welded, with as large a fillet as will fit. It might not be a decent alloy for that....the welder won't be able to guarantee it will work, it might fall apart when he tries. But, you might persuade one to try, for a fee.

    I didn't see motor covers listed as spares, I'm sure you looked too.
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