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Erractic BionX RC3 and conversion kit in cold weather

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    Erractic BionX RC3 and conversion kit in cold weather

    Hi everyone,

    I converted my cargo bike to electric two weeks ago, mainly to carry my two children in the winter time with a lot of snow and temperature that could go as low as -30˚C in Montréal. I bought a BionX 48V/500W rear wheel conversion kit. The main challenge/test will be the constant harsh winter condition under which I would use it. Unfortunately, the kit is already erratic.

    The first time two weeks ago, a constant and cold rain felt on my bike at work for an entire day. When I use it from back to work, it wasn't working anymore. Plus, last week, I used it for the first time in 10 cm of snow/-5˚C with good result, parked it outside at my job, taking the battery inside with me. Later in the day, a small frozen rain felt on the bike and like the first time, at the end of the day, it was not working.

    When I say "wasn't working anymore", I must say that the RC3 remote controlled and battery can still power on, but the RC3 light are all flashing and don't stop to flash or sometimes they stop, I can choose assistance option, but the e-assist/motor don't work.

    The firts time, I let the bike dry inside, revised all connection, add dielectric grease to them, and everything start back perfectly after. The second time, this week-end, I checked all the connection, but RC3 continue to flash and if it stops flshing, the motor still don't want to work.

    I took a look at BionX kit user manual which do not provide many issue for troubleshooting. I ask a friend who talked to me about the possibility of an error code but found nothing on this on the web.

    Is there any of you who have some experience regarding those issues with solution on them? Is it realistic to ride a BionX kit in hard weather condition or they are just too capricious and I will lost my winter working on the electronic kit each week?

    Thanks for your help,