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Need Help Reviving Old Headway Pack

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    Need Help Reviving Old Headway Pack

    Hello Everyone,

    I have an older Headway pack from about 2012. It is a 48v, 20ah pack, made up of (32) Headway cells. I made the mistake of leaving it under a carport for the last 2 years and not touching it. I am in the Northeast, so it gets cold here. The pack was fully charged when I put it away. I recently tried to charge it, and the charger "thinks" its full, and will not turn on. I was told that the BMS won't let the charger turn on due to the low voltage. I took the cover off, and measured the cells. Most were at 3.2 volts, but two were low at 2.3 volts. I "topped them off" with a hobby charger. When I take the bike for a ride, it powers up and works, but dies quickly. Any ideas, anyone? Is the battery "bricked"? Can it be revived?

    Thank you,

    Use the hobby charger to do a capacity test on each cell. A bad cell may charge up to full voltage but store very little charge. You may be able to get away with replacing just a few of the cells.