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48 to 84 volt Green Time controller

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    48 to 84 volt Green Time controller

    I have a 48-84 volt Green Time controller
    15 Mosfet, 1500 w, 45 Amp Max.
    My battery is 48 volt 20 amp hour fully charged at 56.1 combined with a 1000 watt 48 volt front hub gearless motor. The controller is about 5 months old. And the battery will be 1 year old in february.

    This will be the third time I have noticed a very quick like a milli second power switch off and back on. Other than that everything runs perfectly.
    We are in the cool season right now and nothing is getting warm at all. There are no real bumps or rough terrain the bike is going through when this happens.

    I am pretty new to electric bikes, but do not see any signs or symptoms of a faulty BMS or controller. there is also no emergency cutoff switch commonly used at the brake lever for this controller eliminating that Problem. There are no signs of any loose connections. The battery discharges properly and mileage distance as if it were new.

    so as I said this is only happened three times and if you added up all the times that happened it may equal 1. 5 seconds. It's also a very sharp transition from on to off as if it were a mosfet.

    After racking my brain to figure out what the cause maybe, I came here to ask about the voltage range on the controller and if that could be the culprit. With a range of 48 to 84 volts how and when does the controller set the mode to calibrate and could there be a quick switch in Power?
    I forgot to mention this is a gel pack With less likelihood For soldered tabs to vibrate loose, if I remember correctly 2 out of 3 of the Times I experienced the sudden loss in power There was 55% Charge left In the pack

    Thank you for reading
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