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Smart Charger doesn't stop at 80%

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    Smart Charger doesn't stop at 80%

    I noticed that the smart charger I have from LunaCycle is no longer stopping at 80% anymore.

    It's pretty new, purchased in October.

    Is it possible that the battery itself is preventing the smart charger from stopping at 80%? Will it do that if the battery needs balancing?

    I've put 183 miles on it so far so that is not much. Just past break in really.

    So, to repeat my essential question, is whether or not the battery might still need balancing and that is causing the smart charger to not stop at 80%?

    Or do I likely have a defective charger?

    Others smarter than me will are you measuring charge? From display?


      Hi artdrectr,

      thanks for replying

      I'm using the Luna recommended watt meter to verify the voltage, the chart at the luna softpack battery for a ballpark, and the display on the smart charger as well.

      I set it to 80% and it is going all the way to 100% unless I stop it myself by unplugging it. Which I am sure is not optimum.

      The only way you get the reduced amperage at the end of the charge is at 100% because the 80/90/100 selector is no longer functional.

      The only other alternative is that the battery BMS is saying something to the charger about needing balancing and refusing to charge to anything but 100%.

      That's the question, is the smart charger actually that smart?

      If not, then it is broken.
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