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Disabling PAS on BBHSD

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    Disabling PAS on BBHSD

    Hi, new owner of a BBHSD-powered Luna Lone Wolf ebike here. I'm not thrilled with the PAS and would like to try running the bike via throttle only to see if I like the power delivery better that way. What is the easiest way to disable the PAS without destroying the capability of restoring it if I decide to reenable it? Can I disable it via programming or do I need to physically pull a wire in the controller? Any other shortcuts that might be easier? Thanks.

    Program without PAS. However you can peddle and throttle at the same time which is even better.
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      This thread is all about how to program it that way:

      Cutting to the chase if you set:

      PAS 0 - I=100%, S= 0%
      PAS designated assist level = 0
      Throttle designated assist level = By Display's Command

      Then in any PAS level except PAS 0 (PAS 0 has no power) the throttle will operate whether pedaling or not limited by the PAS level selected and PAS operation is entirely disabled