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BBSHD wont turn on

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    BBSHD wont turn on

    i have a BBSHD 48v with a 52V/26AH triangle battery.
    The controller is approx 1 1/2 year old, from Luna Cycle (replacement controller).

    The battery was fully charged, and i had just changed one of the tires, and decided to just check that the wheel was rolling properly, so i had a little ride outside, and the display turned on as it usually does, i was riding on Assist 1 with no issues, decided to use the throttle and the engine would "stutter" a couple times, i tried increasing the assist level, and then it shut down, and i have not been able to turn on the display ever since.

    I have tried this so far:
    Cleaned all the contacts using electric cleaner
    Opened the controller, and checked that everything was still properly attached
    Unplugging everything and then replugging it

    None of this worked, and the bike is used alot (5 days/week 5KM each way), what would be the expected lifespan on a controller?

    Getting a multimeter tomorrow to ensure that the battery isnt broken

    any other ideas?

    Stuttering at low power, and cutting out at high power, sounds like classic symptoms of a low voltage condition. Low battery charge, a bad cell limiting battery current, a 'too cold' battery, or a high resistance connection in the battery power wiring are the places that would most likely appear.

    In my case, I had these symptoms after one of my controller phase wire connectorss melted (overcurrent due to my own meddling:)) and thus I had a high resistance connection in the power wiring. You already checked that, if you confirmed the controller internal connections are good, but the rest of the potential causes might apply.

    If you can watch voltage AT THE CONTROLLER with a meter or display, or even watch the bars on the battery meter, when you apply power, does voltage drop too far, or not? That could be a clue, if you can check it. Even just checking battery voltage (easy to measure at charge port) at cutout, might show you something.

    Good luck!
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      Thanks for the reply, tried connecting it to an otherwise functioning ebike and the display would not turn on, tried with another controller and it worked so the controllers power Supply is for some reason broken, no clue as to why.

      Getting the type B replacement controller from Lunacycle later today, with flatspade connectors instead, hopefully they have what i need to convert the type A to type B(flatspade) connectors from the motor


        I just bought 10 ga flat spades and put them on. Careful to preserve wire length when removing old connection, I cut and peeled mine off.
        Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


          Bumping to ask if OP found a solution to your problem. I'm having a similar issue with my BBSHD and would sincerely appreciate any advice or pointers to getting it rectified.