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Battery wierdness

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    Battery wierdness

    My friend's 52v Luna shark battery just starting acting up.
    It charges normally, up to 58.8v (on the Lunacharger display). But then, it won't start the BBSHD display. With my volt meter on the female shark connections, it shows 57.7v.
    the "on battery" meter shows all green dots, when the charger is hooked up. If you unplug the charger, it shows one red dot.
    using another, like built ebike, we swapped shark batteries, and the weird symptoms follow the one battery.

    Sounds like the BMS want to stay tripped and is only not tripped when charging as this is a sort of reset. Please email support the order#. It could be something as simple as discharge contacts causing a short so the pack is going into a protective mode..or it could be the bms is bad, or a cell is out of balance. Here is how to test the cell banks