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New Conversion Kit Dead - need help!!

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  • Tommycat
    Good morning Jamie,
    And welcome to the forum!

    Random thoughts...

    Always troubleshoot with the bear minimum equipment connected. This includes disconnecting the Ebrake connectors.

    A fully charged 48vdc Li-Ion battery should read 54.6 vdc. (but I don't suspect this is causing the current issue...)

    "I've read the voltage off the motor wire and stays at around 2.5v whether or not the throttle is depressed."
    Precisely where are you getting this voltage? Controller throttle input?

    A loss of battery and speed indication on my display would indicate a communication problem. To accurately troubleshoot yours it would be most helpful if you would give particulars on your equipment. Links, makes and models, pictures, ETC. Especially the controller. With all the varieties of equipment, it's best to at least start on the same page. ;-)

    A typical hall sensor throttle requires 5vdc input, and outputs ~1to ~4 vdc. If you feel like testing this part while you wait, see details...

    Link to Thread.

    A bad harness could cause these issues... good luck.


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  • reanimatednerd
    Also worth mentioning the dash doesn't display any speed when I spin the wheel by hand :(

    small update: as the lcd isn't reading the battery level they reckon it's the system cable, a replacement is being sent out on Monday so fingers crossed, but if anyone has any other ideas I'd appreciate them :)
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  • reanimatednerd
    started a topic New Conversion Kit Dead - need help!!

    New Conversion Kit Dead - need help!!

    Hi all, new member, just bought my first ebike kit through Cyclotricity, 1000w rear kit, but haven't been able to get it to work. It's all hooked up, pins are looking nice and straight with no bent pins in the connectors, the LCD dash lights up but shows 0% battery, even though the battery (48)v is fully charged and reads around 52v with a multimeter.

    The bike is completely unresponsive though. the throttle does nothing, I've read the voltage off the motor wire and stays at around 2.5v whether or not the throttle is depressed.

    They've sent me a new controller which appears to have done nothing, same issue on this new one.

    I'm genuinely running out of ideas and would appreciate any input on this :(