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BBSHD - Powered off fine. Won't power back on. Tips for testing main wiring harness?

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    BBSHD - Powered off fine. Won't power back on. Tips for testing main wiring harness?

    Have had a BBSHD from Luna that's been running fine for about 18 months. I powered it off Friday and removed battery for charging. Gave the bike a clean Saturday (light wash, covered battery cradle, wiped off, left in sun to dry). Fitted the charged battery on Monday and tried to power-up but nothing - a dead display. So far have tested the following:
    • Spun rear wheel in reverse and did not encounter unusual resistance
    • Multimeter on battery - shows fully charged
    • Multimeter on Anderson's out of cradle - shows fully charged
    • Swapped out to a different display - same result
    • Removed controller and tested ground/live resistance across main motor phase wires. Get approx. 10K ohms from ground and 3.3K ohms reversing the leads. For live I get approx. 17M ohms and reversing the leads get a shifting 3-12M ohms off green, 0.68 ohms off yellow and a -0.3M ohms off blue.
    My understanding is that the high resistance off the phase wires indicates the controller's ok and I've got no reason to think otherwise (no moisture ingress, no bare wires, no clicking, shut-off or similar from the motor). I'm wondering where to go from here? Is there a reliable test I can do to confirm the harness connector out of the controller is ok or the main harness wire is ok? What pins should show continuity?

    Appreciate any help someone is able to provide!

    Hi mp52,
    And welcome to the forum!

    Have you gone thru the recommendations in this thread? Which also includes the wiring pin-out diagram below...

    This is troubleshooting a BBSHD/BBS02 <br><br> If you are having issues but the motor is still running please select one of the 2 following links: <br> BBSHD Troubleshooting Random issues on unit still moving (

    For more specific multimeter troubleshooting testing tips let us know...

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      Brand new luna won't power up? Diagram shows all wires connect. Not my new bike. Am I missing something?