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48V battery giving 24V reading on voltmeter

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  • Tommycat
    I suspect the battery's BMS locked out after the battery hit it's low voltage cut-out setting. Some BMS's will leak a voltage potential (your low 24vdc reading) thru when locked out or even just shut of at it's switch.
    Check out how to reset it here...


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  • RamboPat
    started a topic 48V battery giving 24V reading on voltmeter

    48V battery giving 24V reading on voltmeter

    Having my background in regular bikes, batteries and the electronics are what baffle me the most about ebikes. We have a bike that has been running fine but when connected to a charger, it won't take a charge, the light on the charger just stays green. We ran it down to basically dead and measured the voltage of both the battery and the charger with a voltmeter. the charger had a voltage of about 54, no problem there, but the battery read at 24V. I'm curious as to how the bike was still running at all just shortly before the test and what could cause the battery to drop this low.

    Can anybody give me some information on this or point me to a forum that would have this information?

    Thank you.