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BBS02 still getting power, but acting rough.

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    BBS02 still getting power, but acting rough.

    While riding home yesterday, my ride was cut short after I could no longer pedal the bike as normal. With or without the pedal assist. The throttle was still able to pump juice through the motor, but not enough as normal and was also vibrating the chain enough to where it snapped it at the master-link and left me hanging(master link got dumped somewhere on this warp-speed zone of a highway stretch I travel on).
    I took everything apart as soon as I was able to get the bike home. The reduction gear has some worn teeth, but the freewheel assembly still seems to spin as it should. I peeked in at the nylon gear and the pinion gear and there didn't seem to be any noticeable wear on those items.
    The only thing I'm thinking now is that the motor core might be shot in some way. I hooked everything back up without putting the main shaft and such back on. I played with the throttle and noticed the motor still struggling to spin despite a fully charged battery.

    Not sure about it, but I'm thinking a new motor core, along with a new reduction gear might be in order when I'm able to get around to it.

    Здравствуйте! Похожая проблема на bbs02b 1000w 48 v, Всего месяц ездил и появилась вибрация, затем при помощи ПАС и клавишей газа начинал двигаться рывками, постепенно при дальнейшем движении все приходило в норму, но стоило остановиться и при движении снова точно так же? Сейчас не срабатывает ПАС и Дроссель, хотя дисплей все показывает, датчик скорости мигает, что это может быть? Главные шестерни в двигателе вроде целые! Может что подскажете?! С Уважением, Сергей Мелюс!
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