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DPC14 Displays 55.8 on 58.8 Battery

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    DPC14 Displays 55.8 on 58.8 Battery

    This is new and just started yesterday. The display always (2 years) showed 58.8 after a full charge and now it reads 55.8
    Charger is putting out 58.8. and battery reads 58.8 on the shelf and when mounted on the bike (reading through charging port).
    I rode it for 20 miles yesterday and the display never came off of the 55.8 until I hit some tough hills on the last 3 miles.

    I went into advanced settings but it wouldn't let me select error codes and it wasn't showing the battery data (cycle times, remaining capactity, temp, etc., in the battery info fields.

    Do I just need a new display? Thanks.

    No body has seen this problem on their bikes??


      Maybe some part if the 8 is burnt out so it only looks like a 5? This happened on my dashboard.


        Never thought of that! I'll check that out tomorrow.


          Well I don't think that's the problem. I'm still leaning towards a faulty display. ??


            Measuring CAREFULLY, what do you get between P+ (pin #1) and Ground (pin #8) at the display harness connector? Any difference between that and battery voltage?

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              Thanks TC.


                T.C., What's the trick of the trade for doing this? Those pins are mighty close together. Bob


                  I used breadboarding jumper wires.
                  Be careful as the HV pins are very close together. You may have to remove the housing on the female jumper wires. If so, I'd use heat shrink over the female connector.


                    OK Renn, I'll give them a shot - thanks. I'm a little worried about the risk vs. reward on this project especially since I don't notice any performance difference which points me to the display.


                      Ditto on the bread board jumpers, although I use ones used as extenders with a little tighter crimping on the female end and then the meter clips on the male end.

                      Also a trick is to use a piece of wire insulation with no wire inside a little longer than the pin to act as a coupling so to speak. Slid over the pin then mated with the probe.

                      My reason for asking the question, as you take things into account. Is that I've read where adding a voltage drop to the input voltage (using diodes) to the display will "fool" the display into thinking you have a lower battery voltage. Used by owners with a bit over voltage batteries to get them to work under the high Voltage Cut-out setting... So I'm looking for resistance, or possible problems in the wiring or connections.

                      Couple other thoughts...

                      Would you get the same low readings using your charger as a temporary power source?

                      Those Shark battery types with the cradles are notorious for bad connections between the battery and cradle... Clean with no overheating or arcing??? Tight?

                      You still can't get into Section 8.12 in the display> (error code history) ?
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                        When I checked voltage at the display harness (pin 1 & pin 8) I get 58.5 and the display still shows the same 55.8. Safe to say display at this point?

                        BTW I can get to the error code page, it just doesn't show any errors (maybe there are none) and the battery page shows no data.

                        Thanks again TC for all you do for us guys that are just learning this stuff.



                          Hi Bob,

                          Well done on getting the voltage reading. It sure is looking like a bad display... I think the key is when the voltage display doesn't change until you get below what it is stuck at. The DPC-14 pre-mid 2017 models had a similar problem, but at a different voltage reading. See...


                          Only other thing I can think of is if you've double checked the setpoint parameters... and lastly try a factory reset.

                          8.15 Factory setting : Press POWER button enter Restore Factory settings item, set YES will restore all parameter to factory settings.


                          Thank you for your kind words. I'm learning something new everyday too!

                          Best regards,
                          See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


                            Yup, time to stimulate Luna's economy with a new display. Thanks again.