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    mediocre speed

    I have bought a spanking new Specialized turbo vado 1.0. The speed is absolutely disappointing. At first, it capped at 27km/h. Upon return from the bike shop, it now goes to 30km/h. Anything above that, I have to push against the motor.
    I'm very disappointed, I've sunk thousands of frugally saved money into a machine who's reluctantly taking me where I'm trying to go.

    Specialized have brushed me off referring me to the bike shop where I bought the bike, and the bike shop is super busy it's hard to get the bike in.
    The Canadian legal limit is 32km/h which is still pretty slow. I'd like to get to it to the very least!!!
    I'd like to know how to get into the settings of the bike to change the speed. If it needs to be hacked, so be it! Let's get rolling already!
    WHere can I get this info?
    Thank you guys.

    They use a 36v battery. You're not going to get much speed out of a 36v battery. Bikes like the Specialized Turbo tend to focus more on design and looks to attract their customers than speed and power. There's no way you can just hack it to make it faster. It's physically limited by it's hardware.

    I'd sell it on craigslist to be honest and just use the money to buy a kit like the BBSHD and a donor bike.
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      Thank you highvoltage for your expertise, I was unaware a higher voltage could give more speed and power.
      However, I have to say that I do not wish to go DIY and risk having a heap of expensive bike parts that don't seem to fit together...
      I know it is possible to tweak the software, that is what they do at the bikeshop. It has to be less complicated than voodoo.
      Also, I saw a youtube of a guy adjusting the size of the bike wheel in the specialized software app and another app named lightblue. here it is:
      But I have found it doesn't give much to info to go on.
      Any help in that regard would be super appreciated.
      And no, I wouldn't buy the same bike again.


        Well, the voltage of the battery is almost directly tied to the top speed of the motor and the rotations of the stator inside. Which means you'll never get more than 30km/h max no matter how much programming you do. Amps will be tied to torque. Together this is what you know as "Power" No programming or hacking is going to increase either of those unfortunately since they're limited by your battery and what it can output. If you were to somehow hack into the programming, you would probably just over stress the battery and destroy it.

        Like I said, you're probably just better off selling it to some poor smuck on craigslist and buying a kit...or maybe just buy a pre-built bike off Luna if you're worried about the whole parts thing. You'll probably spend a lot less money in the long run anyways and you'll be much more satisfied with the torque and speed.

        If all you want is speed and power, The Sur-Ron X is the hot thing right now and I'd probably go for one of those. The 60v battery in it will do 50km/h on a straight easily.
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